New york!

so im moving to berlin. here are some songs that i really love that havent really fit on any mixes i have made in the last year. they are not in any coherant order and not mixed.

1. Tommorow - this a cover of a fucking wings song. hate on paul all you want but.... really?
2. bridget st. john- this in my opinion is the best song she did, and the best song nico never did. it breaks my heart everytime i hear it.
3. Hackamore brick- everytime i hear a song off this record it makes me take the lp out and listen to the whole thing.
4. The loved ones- all girl band with a cool hippy folk rock sound until........wait for it........the most devastating fuzz guitar breakdown solo ever. so much raw emotion in so few bars, i think hendrix wouldve been impressed.
5. The sims sisters- all girl gospel soul track with synth. this whole album sounds like this.
6. 15 miles to mexico - This is motherfuckin country rocker! if you played this for me 5 years ago i wouldve punched you in your fuckin mouth.
7. ?????????????? - this is the only african record i have found in the "field" that i liked. are there alot like this?
8. loving you sometimes - maybe the perfect song. garage psych dorks who hate this also hate the zombies. who hates the zombies?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
9. hard working people- gospel real people kinda thing. it's happy .
10. golden dawn - this cold sun and 13th floor elevators make you realize texas is the reason.
11. kin jung mi- the korean francoise hardy but more psychedelic. i love the guitar player. the album sounds like this all the way thru.
12. index- spookiest record i have ever heard.
13. patron saints - strangest good record i have ever heard
14. damin eih ......- wait maybe this is the strangest.
15. rayne - i would smother my first born to own this record.
16. chrysalis - with drums.
17. victoria- check it out.
18. grave yard- bye.


psychedelic music for xmas.



opus est




Parameter - Galactic Ramble

Stenblomma - alla trad har samma rot


The Plastic Cloud

Elias Hulk Unchained

Tough Druggy Madness from the U.K.

Music from Merkin Mansion


cool article at the austin record show website about the uncovering of a time capsule.

cut und paste